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NOV 27 – YouTube Views:
The views are back to normal again. Our new servers will send you U.S.A traffic views to your video(s). This will help you rank higher on YouTube through organic results. The views start time is a couple of hours after receiving the confirmation email from us.

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Have you ever wondered why musicians Buy YouTube Views ? How do most musicians become famous on YouTube ? We can help you achieve fame through our YouTube services that are offered on 500views.com. We can offer your YouTube video with YouTube Views, YouTube Comments, YouTube likes and Youtube Subscribers.

We have developed an algorithm system that helps you boost your YouTube Views, likes, comments and subscribers. Having more views on your video will get you more organic traffic your video. Youtube receives more than 500 million unique visitors a month. Why not take advantage of this massive traffic system? We cater to the demands of Artists, Musicians, Comedians, Real Estate agents, Lawyers, Athletes and the average joe. This service is perfect for anyone that is looking for attention in the public media.

To see the list of services we offer please click here.

In order to increase your viewership and subscribers on YouTube it is recommended you purchase services such as views, likes and subscribers. Unless you have a big company behind you that is offering to spend millions of dollars advertising you as a brand then 500views is your best option. The more views you buy the organic results on you’ll see on your video.

Our prices are fair compared to other service companies that offer views for sale. Our base model will sell you 500 views for $4.99. We believe that our clients would like to test out the service and purchase a small amount before they get comfortable and purchase more. Clients that purchase big orders will receive a discount and free services will be included on their purchase. Make sure to contact us through the contact form if you’d like to get more details on our custom offers.

Once your payment has been confirmed and received by our payment’s department your Youtube views/likes/subscribers will start increasing within a couple of hours. If you do not see an increase on your YouTube video within 24 hours feel free to contact us through the contact form. Someone from our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us through our Customer Support Phone Number:1-323-984-8991