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March 14 – YouTube Views:
Youtube views are working without any drops. Unlimited Views Possible – Speeds are 25k to 75k per day – No Cancellations!

March 1 – YouTube Views:
YouTube views are working well. Orders will start within 12-24 from confirmation email.
Feb 26 – YouTube Views:
All video that were in queue should start receiving views and likes within the next 12 hours. Any new orders will start receiving views within 24 hours of purchase. Thank you for being patient with us. Unfortunately someone tried hacking our website 24 hours ago and that’s why we were down for half a day. With our service the number one priority we have is making sure that your orders get filled as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns email us at contact@500views.com.
Feb 20 – YouTube Views:
We have introduced the 500 views package again. Prices have increased accordingly because of the new algorithm. Below is the Stats for purchasing 500 Views on your video.

• 3 Minutes Retention – Slow Drip Feed 2-3k Views Per Day
• Real Human Windows Desktop Embedded Views
• INSTANT START ( If server not full )
• 100% Unique Traffic
• Social Referrer (Twitter)
• World-Wide Views Added 

Feb 15 – YouTube Views:
We have introduced the 1000 views package again. YouTube views are working with 1-2k per day speeds. 

• Unlimited Video Length
• Windows Desktop Watch Page Views & embedded Views
• 100% Unique Traffic
• Possible User Engagements
• Social Referrer (Twitter)
• World-Wide Views Added in a NON-STOP Natural Pattern
• Incremental Speed Based on Order Size
⚠ Must be Unrestricted & Open for ALL countries
◆ Min 1K | Max 25K 

Recently we’ve been getting lots of hateful and threatening emails from clients being angry and upset their views have not arrived on time. We are here to address this issue! In the past 5 years of providing clients with services WE HAVE NEVER SCAMMED ANYONE. We don’t OPERATE by scamming clients on 500views. We are here to help you boost your views so you CAN get a chance to become VIRAL on YouTube. When your views or services you purchase do not arrive within the time frame mentioned then you should go to 500views.com and check for updates on the main page. If you need to email us we will answer to your email BUT you cannot continue spamming us asking for updates on the issue. If we have updates about the views services we will post them as soon as possible on the homepage. Once again we have to mention that you are on this website to purchase YouTube views for your video.  We are not your regular mom and pop store, we do not guarantee the views will arrive nor do we guarantee when they will arrive on time. This is the BLACKMARKET of Social Media Marketing and when you buy views you waive any of your customer rights out the window. It’s a free for all on the black market! You do not go in and ask for a refund in the real world blackmarket do you? So PLEASE stop spamming us for update because you will be ignored. If you want a refund for your order because of the time delay, by all means email us with your transaction ID and we will refund you right away. With YouTube’s latest update we expect the views to go back to normal within the next 3-4 days. Thank you! 

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Have you ever wondered why musicians Buy YouTube Views ? How do most musicians become famous on YouTube ? We can help you achieve fame through our YouTube services that are offered on 500views.com. We can offer your YouTube video with YouTube Views, YouTube Comments, YouTube likes and Youtube Subscribers.

We have developed an algorithm system that helps you boost your YouTube Views, likes, comments and subscribers. Having more views on your video will get you more organic traffic your video. Youtube receives more than 500 million unique visitors a month. Why not take advantage of this massive traffic system? We cater to the demands of Artists, Musicians, Comedians, Real Estate agents, Lawyers, Athletes and the average joe. This service is perfect for anyone that is looking for attention in the public media.

To see the list of services we offer please click here.

In order to increase your viewership and subscribers on YouTube it is recommended you purchase services such as views, likes and subscribers. Unless you have a big company behind you that is offering to spend millions of dollars advertising you as a brand then 500views is your best option. The more views you buy the organic results on you’ll see on your video.

Our prices are fair compared to other service companies that offer views for sale. Our base model will sell you 500 views for $4.99. We believe that our clients would like to test out the service and purchase a small amount before they get comfortable and purchase more. Clients that purchase big orders will receive a discount and free services will be included on their purchase. Make sure to contact us through the contact form if you’d like to get more details on our custom offers.

Once your payment has been confirmed and received by our payment’s department your Youtube views/likes/subscribers will start increasing within a couple of hours. If you do not see an increase on your YouTube video within 24 hours feel free to contact us through the contact form. Someone from our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us through our Customer Support Phone Number:1-323-984-8991