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How and Where Can I Buy YouTube Views ?

YouTube.com recently announced that it was responsible for the creation of all viral video trends. Youtube receives more than 300 million unique visitors a month. Why not take advantage of this massive traffic system? 500views.com was developed to help increase your popularity on the web. It was designed to help make your video go viral by boosting your views, comments and likes. We cater to the demands of Artists, Musicians, Comedians, Real Estate agents, Lawyers, Athletes and the average joe that wants to show off to his/her friends by boosting his YouTube views. We generate the views through our marketing team on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to increase the views on your video. We offer the option of purchasing likes and comments for your video as well.


  • How long does it take for my video to gain views ?

    All YouTube videos received are started instantly and results can be seen within a couple of hours. Please allow at least 6-12 hours to see results, as YouTube doesn't update in real time.
  • Why have my views not increased yet ?

    After 301 views, YouTube does not update in there statistics in real time. This is completely normal and something that we cannot control. At times it can take up to several hours to update the stats.
  • Are these views from real people?

    Our views come from people that are subscribed through our network channel with social media.
  • Will my video be in danger if I purchase views ?

    No, your video will never be in danger because the views are from real people.
  • How many views per day can you deliver ?

    We can deliver up to 20,000 YouTube views per day. Anything lower than that will be completed within 24-48 hours.
  • Where do our views come from ?

    Our views come from social media networks and promotional websites.

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Boost Your YouTube Video

Video Marketing
We will help boost the views on your YouTube video through social media marketing.
Buy Twitter Followers

Boost Your Twitter Followers

Twitter Marketing
We provide your Twitter account with real looking followers that have profile pictures and followers.
Buy Instagram Followers

Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram Marketing
We will help you increase your followers and likes on Instagram.