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Why should I only buy 500 YouTube Views ?

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Have you ever wondered why some providers have a minimum of 1000 YouTube views with there service? It’s because of the way the YouTube views system works. Usually, when you order 500 views on your YouTube video you will receive anywhere from 500-1000 YouTube views. We can never deliver the exact number of views because of the networking we do on your YouTube Video. We make sure that the video you submit goes on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking websites. We want to make sure your video gets as much attention as possible online. We work with other service providers and promote your video in the correct category to make sure that your video hits the targeted audience.

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Why should I only buy 500 views?

  • We are the only service provider on the web that offers 500 YouTube views
  • If you’ve never bought views before, starting with 500 YouTube views is the most organic you can get.
  • It will make people believe your video received more organic traffic.

When you order 500 YouTube views from 500views.com make sure you purchase 100 YouTube likes for your video. This will make your video’s views look very organic and will have people buzzing about your video through there online social media network.

Once you’ve developed a base of numerous videos that have 500 Views and over, you can THEN start purchasing more views on each video. You can also start sharing your video through social media networks to show off in front of your friends.

Buying YouTube views from 500views.com is the safest haven to get your online video buzz going. All the views are Adsense safe and if you purchase more then 1000 YouTube views you will receive 100 free likes to your video. That is a $9.99 offer for FREE.

500views.com tends to give out coupons every month offering 20-30% off. Make sure you purchase views to receive frequent emails with coupon codes.

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