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The real truth about buying Youtube views

the real youtube truth

YouTube Truth

  • Wondering how you can receive YouTube views on your video? In the next couple of paragraphs you will be able to understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to boosting your youtube video views. Likes most people online, we always want the most and best of everything we can possible get our hands on. Recently 500Views did an interview with a high tech magazine explaining the process in which YouTube views are provided. The process involves lots script and programming! It also involves staying ahead of Youtube whenever they release an update. Youtube usually releases some kind of update to block fake views from being added on to the video. It takes the blackhat members 24-48 hours to come up with a back way of bypassing their method. Most client’s don’t understand the hard work it actually takes to try and overcome YouTube’s counting system. They have programmers working 24/7 across the globe staying up for hours drinking red bull trying to figure out the best algorhytm to try and stop the blackhat community members from supplying the public with fake views.


real youtubetube views

Real Youtube Views

  • Real Youtube views are counted when actual people view your video on YouTube. This counts as a “real Youtube view”. Most suppliers give you the false impression that they are supplying you with REAL youtube views, when their really not. The way it works is “you fake it until you make it”. They will try to lie and deceive you by sending out the message that they can provide you with real youtube views with their ground breaking system 🙂 … It really does not work like that. All the clients should be made aware to read all the terms and conditions these suppliers have on their website. Make sure you read the fine print before ordering their service.


fake youtube views

Fake YouTube Views

  • Fake YouTube views are considered as bot views. These views will get your videos views boosted by robots. The views that are generated are all fake. People tend to buy YouTube views for the sole purpose of making their video look very popular. This method does work psychologically if you look at it from that point. If you were to go on YouTube and search “meditation music” how many of you would filter out the results by the video with the most views? This is probably what 90% of the people browsing through YouTube do. Most people will buy views in order to make themselves look better and in return gain organic views on YouTube.



  • The fact of the matter is that you should buy YouTube views in moderation. Make sure that you know everything about the supplier that is providing you the service. You will want to read over the terms and agreements to make sure you do not get scammed in the buying process.
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