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Which Video Has The Most YouTube Views ?

Videos With The Most YouTube Views

Have you ever wondered what the most viewed YouTube video is ?

Here is a list of YouTube videos consisting of the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube. 

Most Viewed YouTube Videos

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_viewed_YouTube_videos

Most Views YouTube Videos Controversy

It was almost 10 years ago that the first YouTube video was uploaded on YouTube. It doesn’t seem to far away now that I think of it. YouTube has come a long way in the past 10 years to become the most powerful website on the web.

While you can see that Psy’s “Gangnam Style” song is number one on the charts Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are right behind him in the race for the most viewed video on YouTube.

As to ask the question on how Psy’s YouTube video has received over 2 Billion views is very controversial to me.

It seems that PSY had some help from his marketing team or hackers based in Korea that gave him an early boost on his YouTube views earlier on. It really looks like they did a good job of orchestrating the whole process with precision and made sure that It would become a hit even though the SONG was not in ENGLISH. The song became such a big hit on YouTube and worldwide because of this YouTube boost on views that was probably provided by many different YouTube suppliers such as Buy YouTube Views.

justin bieber and katy perry


Justin Bieber and Katy Perry most likely bought a high percentage of there views as well. Not too long ago, there was an article published by VOCATIV explaining in details how Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun -the talent manager behind Justin Bieber and Psy had bought YouTube views through a Source named “Kenzo”. In the email that this editor received it showed a screenshot of what appeared to be Scooter Braun buying 200 Million YouTube Views for Justin Bieber’s videos. The second screenshot showed braun sending a paypal payment of $150,000 to “Kenzo”.

Buying Fake YouTube Views

In this day in age where its very easy to Buy YouTube Views for your video, it’s hard to say which videos have legitimate views on there videos. We reached out to YouTube for comment on this article but they never got back to us. I feel like it’s an embarrassing situation on there part because they have not put a stop to these fake youtube views yet. They have tried several methods to TRY and stop this mayhem but have failed in the process badly. If you do a search of “Buy YouTube Views” on Google you get about 678,000,000 results. It just goes to show the major competition these YouTube providers have to sell YouTube views online.

fake youtube views

Conclusion on Fake YouTube Views

As for the Most Viewed Videos On YouTube? Well to me I would say all the top 20 videos have bought views at one point or another. It’s very hard to believe that over 2 Billion people watched psy’s video of “Gangnam Style”. Maybe in the future YouTube will develop some kind of mechanism that will take away what they deem as a fake youtube views. It’s hard to say, I mean you would literally have to make sure that it was a person that watched the video and not a bot. An idea would be to verify the user by video camera. It would cancel out fake youtube views and YouTube will see a big reduction of views in the future on there top 20 YouTube videos. For now, YouTube has no way of knowing which view is real and which is fake. You can still buy youtube views and likes through 500views.



How to Get Youtube Hits

how to get youtube hits

Learn Effective Ways On How To Get YouTube Hits To Your Video

Anyone who wants to take their business online needs to consider getting themselves into marketing via YouTube. This article provides a wonderful place for you to start!

With many people asking me everyday how they can increase the views or hits on their YouTube video, I have decided to write an article about some of the advantages of buying and not buying YouTube Hits. We offer many different services on 500views.com. One of them includes buying youtube hits for your YouTube. We are resellers for YouTube views. Have you ever wondered where most of these A list celebrities buy there YouTube videos from??? Most the time it is through sites like 500views.


You have an advantage of Buying YouTube Hits to your video.

1. You will receive much more attention because of the high number of views you achieve.

2. You will look much cooler when you show your friends all the views you have received on your video.

3. You will be able to get Google Adsense *You can get paid for people watching your video (dream job)

We make sure to provide you with views even if they drop. YouTube performs there algorithm updates every other month and most of the videos (About 20-30%) get some views reduced. We usually will add them back on at no cost. Just remember to mention how many views your video reached before the views got taken off.

You need to understand that YouTube’s line of work is to crack down on suppliers like us because of all the money we are ranking in. They also don’t like the fact that people can boost there views through illegal ways. The fact of the matter is that if you want to boost your YouTube video with views, make sure you include comments and likes as well. The ration from views to likes is about 1%. So if you have about 1,000,000 views then its normal to have 10,000 likes and several hundred comments.



Most Viewed YouTube Video

Most Viewed YouTube Video

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Most Viewed YouTube Video