mar gus scammer


Mar Gus x Mack Mula – Steven Lax Fake Views Scammers

Stay away from this Brand. They bough 10,000 YouTube views to this video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjxlK_zUFX4&app=desktop Mar Gus x Mack Mula – “Wont Stop” (Music Video) | Dir By @MeetTheConnectTv. As you can see all the views were delivered to the video so our job was done. https://www.facebook.com/pg/mackmulaatm/posts/

They called there bank and said they didn’t make the purchase. Total lie, I emailed them a couple of times demanding for the money that is owe to us and no response. The email that was used is steven.lax@gmail.com.

steven.lax@gmail.com is the owner of the paypal account and the name that was used is Steven Lax. Please be aware when they purchase youtube views for there video that they will rip you off.

Here are some pictures of him and “his crew”. I hope they get put to shame for buying youtube views. Everyone should know these rappers are fake purchasing fake views.

His twitter account: https://twitter.com/macklpgmula


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Fake ass rappers buying views for there video and then scamming the company that helped you out. I have no respect or symphony for this low life scum. I understand you want to buy your way to fame but when you decided to rip off the very same people that helped you achieve views you are in for a shit show. Good luck with your crappy career. I hope this article gets put on page for mack mula and Mar GUS rappers.