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Blank YouTube Video Project Got Over 100,000 Views

Blank Video Project Goes Viral


The outcome of this video has got me thinking! How is it possible that this YouTube Video The Blank Video Project has received over 100,000 YouTube Views. Is it really possible that the world is that bored and has turned to watching a video of “Nothing”.

It seems that this was a perfect marketing gimmick to make headlines for ad agency Solve, which most recently embarked on a social experiment to see whether it could make literally the most boring video go viral.

The agency which is located in Minneapolis created this 4 minutes video that was completely blank – it had no images , no sound, no video. They also disabled the likes and comments for the video to make the view count more realistic. The only link they had was a URL link that was located in the description section, which linked to the agency’s website.

The video generated more than 100,000 YouTube Views for an investment of just $1400. If the ad agency were to buy the views from 500 Views it would have only cost them $400.00 and they would have received the same amount of attention. This would have generated the same amount of buzz to get the media and news outlets talking about this cool marketing trick.

John Colasanti CEO of Solve told adweek “The Views offer a seemingly simple and easy way to measure the power of content. This is a false indicator of success, particularly when a video receives a high number of views, but a low level of likes. Often the video didn’t truly go viral; the view metric was purchased.”

The better way to track a video’s metrics are through YouTube Likes, Comments and how many subscribers they have on there account.

It seems that with the right amount of money you as well can have a viral video campaign that can and will receive lots of media attention.


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Here is the video if your interested in wasting some time off your life: