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Louisiana Rapper OTL Beezy Buys YouTube Views For His Video And Tries Scamming Company For $765.00.

This is the person that’s trying to SCAM 500views.com. Brent Broussard AKA OTL BEEZY FROM LOUISIANA. He buys his views, likes and comments for his videos. WANTED.

This Louisiana Rapper that goes by the name OTL Beezy is s SCAMMER AND A CHEAT. On August 11, 2019 he ordered 100,000 views & 1000 likes & 60 comments to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wcc1kzn5kk. The video was published on a channel DelValleStudios . All the views and services were delivered to his video. You can check the stats right now his video has over 100,000 views + 1000 likes and over 1000 comments. I am here putting this loser on blast because a couple of days ago he decided to file a paypal claim saying his services were never delivered. Yo IDIOT! You ordered on AUGUST 11, 2019. We completed your service the following week and helped you get some kind of recognition for your shitty video that is awful. You should definitely think twice before stepping up on a mic again. Your skills are garbage and you stick to your day job working 9-5 instead of trying to become a wanksta. HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS otlbeezy@gmail.com real name Brent Broussard.

Take a look at this screenshot. As you can see here he paid for the services on his video. He even agreed to the TERMS OF SERVICES – Which also indicated we do not offer refunds. He probably doesn’t know how to read and skipped that part out. Don’t feel sorry for him, he choose this path in life. With a name like OTL Beezy you would think he would know his alphabet and word pronunciation. He probably never graduated from high school, was too busy slanging on the street trying to become a rapper.

proof of purchase from 500views.com
Here is the proof of purchase and the agreement to the terms of service.

This is his video below. AS YOU CAN SEE the service he purchased through us has been completed. SO way file a paypal claim and dispute towards us?

Here is his version of the claim that he submitted to paypal. ALL WHICH IS FAKE. WE DID DELIVER YOUR SERVICE YOU DUMBASS. I always ask myself why people so fake and scammy exist in this world like him. I guess it’s just a thing nowadays. Good thing is in the terms of services this idiot agreed on, it mentioned that if you file a dispute or chargeback through we can put you on BLAST without any legal worries. He mentions he tried to contact me multiple times – ya that’s some bullshit. He never contacted 500views once. The seller is selling things they are not following through with?? WTF school did you go to BRENT BROUSSARD AKA OTL BEEZY – FUKIN Goofball of the year that’s for sure. I really hope this post goes viral and someone finds out about your schemy ass ways you punk.

Here are some memorable pics of him

Look at me I Bought all my views and likes! What you think about that suckasss.

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