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How to Get Youtube Hits

how to get youtube hits

Learn Effective Ways On How To Get YouTube Hits To Your Video

Anyone who wants to take their business online needs to consider getting themselves into marketing via YouTube. This article provides a wonderful place for you to start!

With many people asking me everyday how they can increase the views or hits on their YouTube video, I have decided to write an article about some of the advantages of buying and not buying YouTube Hits. We offer many different services on 500views.com. One of them includes buying youtube hits for your YouTube. We are resellers for YouTube views. Have you ever wondered where most of these A list celebrities buy there YouTube videos from??? Most the time it is through sites like 500views.


You have an advantage of Buying YouTube Hits to your video.

1. You will receive much more attention because of the high number of views you achieve.

2. You will look much cooler when you show your friends all the views you have received on your video.

3. You will be able to get Google Adsense *You can get paid for people watching your video (dream job)

We make sure to provide you with views even if they drop. YouTube performs there algorithm updates every other month and most of the videos (About 20-30%) get some views reduced. We usually will add them back on at no cost. Just remember to mention how many views your video reached before the views got taken off.

You need to understand that YouTube’s line of work is to crack down on suppliers like us because of all the money we are ranking in. They also don’t like the fact that people can boost there views through illegal ways. The fact of the matter is that if you want to boost your YouTube video with views, make sure you include comments and likes as well. The ration from views to likes is about 1%. So if you have about 1,000,000 views then its normal to have 10,000 likes and several hundred comments.


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