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Glenn Griffin AKA GMillz Rapper Buys YouTube Views

This rapper goes by the name of GMillz. His email address is Glenn Griffin griffinglenn32@yahoo.com. He purchased 100,000 + comments and likes to his video. It looks like it wasn’t posted under his account but another videographer named DjBey215. The receipt is provided for everyone to see that he purchases all these services for his video. He is not someone you would want to do business with. He decided to go ahead and call his bank and tell them that he never authorize the purchase (Which is a lie). We are now in a loss of $635.00. We will seek legal action against you and your brand and will collect our pay against you Glenn Griffin. This was the email that was received from paypal today when this punk tried to scam us.

This fake ass loser agreed to all the terms and conditions when he went ahead and submitted his purchase. The picture below goes to show what kind of thug this cat is. Aright homie keep doing your thing you loser. I hope WorldStar HipHop gets a hold of this post and exposes you to everyone in the industry.

Keepin it real with the homies! Whats good Glenn! How you like me now!???

If anyone does business with this character names Glenn Griffin aka GMillz please be advised that he is a fraud and will try and steal your money. I feel sorry for people trying to defraud us because at the end of the day there career will be over before it’s even begun. His video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZpOzmJbn-c as you can see he is trying to buy his way into fame. Buying views, likes, comments and subscribers to your video is totally good promotion, BUT when you try and defraud us we will make sure that your video is 1 taken down by YouTube. Make everyone else in the industry aware that you bought your services and we will make downvote your video. If you want to be evil we can go that road. After explaining to GMILLZ that he needs to cancel this request for his money, he then decided to email me. Screenshot below:

Sounds like a plan Glenn. Give me a time and place and we can get together for your little rendezvous. Bring your hommies in as well and we can all have a great time. I can’t wait until people start making fun of you when your secret is exposed you fake ass rapper. You should definitely think of changing careers. Your career is over homie. You’ve been exposed and theres no turning back now. This post will definitely rank high in Google, so next time someone reaches out to google and types in GMILLZ or Glenn Griffin the first article that will appear will be this one. Time to change your rap name or persona. Your street cred has now completely been diminished you fake ass wanna be. I really hope DJBEY215 takes your shitty video off his channel. Doesn’t it seem that KARMA is a bitch Glenn Boy! Ya, I hope everyone in the industry finds out about your fake ass.

Here is the video he bought all his services for and went ahead and scammed us. I hope karma repays you in a decent way scammer.

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