• How long does it take for my video to start gaining views?

    All videos are started instantly and results can be seen within hours. Please allow at least 6-12 hours to see results, as YouTube doesn't update in real time.
  • Is there a minimum amount of views that can be added per video?

    The minimum amount of views you can purchase is 500 views for $7.99.
  • Why have my video views not increased yet?

    It takes 12-24 for the views to increase. If you notice that your views have not increased within 24 hours. Please contact us.
  • How many views will I receive per day?

    We can deliver up to 50,000 views per video per day. Anything lower will be completed within 24-48 hours of being started.
  • Where do the views come from?

    All our views come from the social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.
  • What is your Privacy Policy ?

    Our company highly values your privacy. We follow a policy of confidentiality to tell you how we collect and use information about you and what we do to keep this information confidential. - In 500Views we do not share confidential information that you have provided to us. Also, we never share this information with third parties, including your orders. - We don’t communicate and contact with the owners of services - We do not disclose information about your resale - all information remains with us. - 500Views will protect your data for safety and the prevention of fraud, theft or loss. Also, we guarantee the safety of your data from copying or modification by third parties. - 500Views works only with legal representatives who value the protection of personal information. That’s why we confirm that your information will be protected.
  • Will my video get banned?

    No, your video or channel will not get banned. The worst thing that can happen to your video is views being decreased. We will refill your views if you contact us.