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best prorgrams to use for youtube


What Are The Best Programs For YouTube

The Best Programs For YouTube

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  • Over billions of people around the world own a Youtube account. That means there is a wide variety of competition with regards on how to traffic your channel and make it a momentous journey for you as well. In the Youtube network, you can be as informative, entertaining; enthusiastic, creative, and or musically inclined depends on what personality and hobbies. You never know, your type of preference can be someone else’s choice too. However, would it be great if your channel begin to expand or earn profit by just uploading videos? Furthermore, earning is the outcome of your productivity but that is not what is going to be the target. Our goal is focused on how you will market as a Youtube viewer.


It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work for you to achieve hundreds, thousands and even millions of people to subscribe in your channel. Remember that one video makes a whole lot of difference for people to recognize you. To be able for you to reach followers in your channel, here are some ways to help you better and increase your videos on Youtube.

Great Ways To Boost Your YouTube Views


  • Ensure that you have a good title keyword for easy access on viewers.



  • Create and upload your thumbnail that is in line with the terms of service of Youtube. You can also provide a text thumbnail with your photograph with a good description written at the box provided.



  • This is the most influential social media network. With your Facebook account, this will help you get your leads of subscribers and viewers. This is to promote in case they are not connected on Youtube they can be linked in and routed to your channel and see your videos.



  • It is still the best way to communicate with your followers especially if they have concerns. Make sure to conduct a relatable and relevant hashtag(#). Do not forget to key in keywords with your hash tags.



  • Be consistent with the time of uploading your videos. Inform your followers your regular days of uploading your videos so they can know and expect when the next one is is coming. It is vital that you stick to your schedule



  • One way of making sure that your subscribers and the new viewers are following you is through reminding them or asking them to simply subscribe to you. Be careful that you won’t sound as if you are begging or nagging but explain to them how your channel may be of benefit to them.


“I have done all the best I could to expand my videos but nothing seems to grow in numbers in my channel”

This statement is common to most of the new Youtube viewers. No matter how many “subbies” or “sub for sub” you do for your channel and still nothing happened there are other ways for you to accommodate subscribers, actual views, ratings comments and votes without you getting banned or flagged. Just by simply using tools that is approved by the terms of service by Youtube.

To accommodate subscribers, actual views, ratings comments and votes without you getting banned or flagged. Just by simply using tools that is approved by the terms of service by Youtube.

Here are some examples:

Tube Toolbox: This automates adding contacts, sending messages, votes, viewers, subscribers and comments while you work or even asleep.

Playinator: Easy, efficient and fully automated software to increase YouTube views – that will increase the views in all of your videos, and will NOT freeze them at the 300 views mark!

Tube Increaser: You can add more views to your Youtube videos with a proxy connection, this give more exposure to your videos and get popularity fast.

U2bViews: A tool designed to increase your YouTube views. Basically, you first earn credits for viewing videos that other people have submitted.