Frequently Asked Questions


Are these views real?

  • Yes, our views are 100% real.


What country are these views from?

  • Our views are 100% USA.


Will purchasing your views put my video or account in any danger with YouTube?

  • Absolutely not. Because our views are real, we have never had a video banned or account suspended because of our service.


Are your views AdSense safe?

  • Yes, your videos are safe with us.


What referrers show up in my video analytics?

  • It’s usually mixed but we mainly send traffic from,,, and


What is viral video seeding?

  • Viral video seeding is when you have a video that is musical, funny, informative, and/or educational. Your video can pretty much be about anything as long as it is good production quality and entertaining. then places your videos on high-impact, relevant social media group. Viral video seeding helps create organic traffic driven right to your video increasing the amount of YouTube views, comments, and ratings. We guarantee you will reach at least the number of views, comments, and/or ratings you ordered from us.


Can you tell me what social media group my video will be placed on?

  • No. has been in business for over 4 years and has been very successful in the viral video seeding and buy YouTube views industry. Many of our competitors would love to copy our proven system. For our system to remain a trade secret, we do not disclose the websites that we purchase advertising space from.


Why can’t I just buy ad space from those same high-traffic websites?

  • You’re more than welcome to purchase advertising space from the same websites that we use. You will quickly find out that your costs will be extremely higher than the price we charge you. Because we are a wholesaler and have developed great relationships with these high-traffic websites, our pricing is considerably cheaper.


How will viral video seeding help my business?

  • No matter if you are a musician, director, comedian, small business owner, or a large corporation viral video seeding is a perfect way to build your community, find new customers, and deliver massive traffic to your website or video.  To increase sales requires more exposure and viral video seeding accomplishes that.


Why should I use for a viral video seeding campaign?

  • We are an online viral video marketing company offering professional video advertising solutions. We are specializing in YouTube as it is the most popular video network with the biggest potential. Our team has many years of experience that was built up through research and development over the last four years.

We offer the best viral video promotions available on the market at the lowest cost.